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  Bistro Food      
Enjoy a delicious bistro meal that will tantalise your taste buds while savouring your drink of choice from our fully stocked bar.

You’ll have a hard time deciding among a tempting selection of bistro style treats, including: tempura prawns, bitter ballen – (a Dutch treat) a famous satay and peanut sauce recipe from Joep’s “Mama Cocky”, or Joep’s ultimate favourite bistro food – mushroom toast.
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Begin your De Brasserie experience with a choice of mouthwatering starters, like our cheese croquettes – an old Italian favourite full of delicious cheesy goodness!

Our salad tiede is a lovely lukewarm Parisian style salad and our juicy steak tartar is exquisite - AAA grade quality! We like to think of our starters as the opening act to your enticing dining affair.
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If starters are the opening act, the main meal serves as
De Brassier’s leading event - captivating absolutely any audience!

Delight your senses with a Belgian beef stew made according to Grandma’s famous recipe, or Eddy’s style mussels infused with ginger, lemongrass, coconut and chilli. For the ultimate dining experience, we offer a delicious steak tartar, which can be prepared right at your table.
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To complete your De Brasserie experience, or simply enjoy with a cup of our gourmet coffee, indulge in one of our decadent sweet sensations.

For a true European dessert experience, try our café glacé – a fantastic coffee ice cream, or delight in our crépe suzette – a fluffy pancake lathered in French orange liqueur.

Everyone’s favourites – the pavlova or creamy chocolate mousse - are so good, we consider them fit for the gods!
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